I have been sick with auto immune issues for over 6 years and suffered with non stop pain throughout my body. I had been to numerous doctors, nutritionist and non traditional practitioners  and spent tens of thousands of dollars, with no resolution to really transform my health.  After just one chat with Veronica, my symptoms and pain have been drastically reduced and I now understand what I have to do to heal. She is extremely  informed, honest and can explain everything in a way that makes sense.

My dear friend Veronica Leslie, aka “The Doll,” aka the most beautiful human inside and out is hands down the most kind and genuine woman I know.  I feel blessed to have her as a friend for the last seven years. She is wise, loyal, warm and inviting. Her grace and poise and confidence is beauty in itself. Our conversations never seize to amaze me at how much knowledge is in her pretty head. I personally have gained so much from having her in my life as she’s seen me become a wife, mother, and a newly diagnosed celiac disease patient. I will continue to live with beautiful health because of “The Doll”

Veronica was an absolute godsend when arriving into my life. She took the

time to evaluate my symptoms and reviewed my blood work to develop a plan to address chronic pain, fatigue and depression. In a few short months, I lost 13 pounds and slowly gained more energy, whereas before I literally felt hopeless. With her on my team I was able to learn about tools and supplements to address symptoms such as burn out and chronic pain and not give in to the conventional medicine route. This experience has made me feel empowered to take control of my life again and I’m forever thankful for that.

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Ever since I started high school I fell into the trap of comparison and struggled with my body image and then began to eat very irresponsibly and refused to fuel my body with proper nutrients. Because of my struggle my health began to spiral downhill, I became so caught up in how much I weighed that I totally forgot about taking care of myself and making sure I was getting all of the nutrients out of my food so that I could live a healthy lifestyle. When I finally decided that I needed to become more aware and fuel my body properly I really struggled with stomach issues. I was constipated, bloated, tired. I lost sight of everything that made me, me! I reached out to everyone I could think of and Veronica immediately responded to me and cared for me and my health. She nursed me back to health all over Instagram DM. She encouraged me to limit foods that made me feel sick but to include a healthy balance in my diet and all areas of my life. Thanks to Veronica I am now a de-bloated healthy Girl who has been able to travel to Africa there and maintain a healthy lifestyle in those conditions. I smile so big and I am able to love and care for others just as Veronica cared for me. I am vegan and gluten free but feel so great in my body that I would not go back to my old lifestyle even if my gut allowed me to! Thank you Veronica for teaching me how to love my body so that I may love EVERYbody!

Most people have no idea how good the human body is designed to feel