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The 7 Tenets of #Beautifulhealth

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

Over the years I have narrowed down what really matters and makes the upmost impact when it comes to health..... and so when it came time to select the topic of my very first blog post, I knew.... hands down..... my 7 tenets of #beautifulhealth were an absolute must share. To learn what they are, read on for an excerpt from my HealthDoll Handbook, a written guide for patients navigating the road to natural health and wellness.

Nutrition and Digestion

"Nutrition and digestion, though related are not one and the same. Nutrition refers to the sufficient intake of nutrients while digestion refers to the physiological process of effectively absorbing those nutrients. One can have efficient digestion, yet an insufficient dietary inflow of nutrients. Likewise, the intake of a sufficient supply of nutrients can be hindered by an ill performing digestive system. Your own unique nutritional needs have been configured in your personalized health plan. By sticking to this plan you will begin the process of bringing to balance your ideal nutrient intake. For proper digestion please review the Bowel Health insert included in this plan."

Blood Sugar & Endocrine Stability

"Bio individuality comes into play greatly in this tenet, as do predisposing lifestyle factors. Some individuals will be more sensitive than others in their response to glucose metabolism. If your mother, father, siblings, or grandparents suffer from glucose, insulin, or related type endocrine dysfunction, you may potentially follow suit. It does NOT, however, have to be this way. By following a low glycemic diet (See Glycemic Index/Load Insert) and taking measures listed within your plan, you can prevent DNA from becoming destiny. Lifestyle and nutrition act as information upon your DNA and inform your genes on how to conduct themselves. This can be both beneficial and detrimental. By keeping your body free of volatile glucose surges and rebounds you live in balance with your endocrine system, providing an environment for favorable genetic expression. By failing to do so, however, you cause wear and tear upon the very same endocrine system and can induce dysfunction and disease that would not have resulted otherwise. Eating and living in a way that keeps blood sugar levels stable allows for the endocrine system in its entirety to receive a sound baseline in which to perform all of its complex functions. Remember that health is holistic. Systems do not work independently of each other, but instead function in a state of co dependence. A perfect example of this is seen in the countless women who have come to me for help with such concerns as thyroid dysfunction, infertility, PCOS, and other endocrine imbalances. Many shared the commonality of being unresponsive to conventional treatments. This was because many of these women were only receiving treatment isolated to that single endocrine system. However, once I placed them on plans to improve their blood glucose metabolism, so too did their respective endocrine disorders follow suit."

Rest, Recovery & Regeneration

"The body needs adequate rest in which to perform its cellular functions of recovery and regeneration. Exact sleeping needs vary from person to person but it is a good practice to aim for between 7 to 9 hours sleep a night. To better gauge how much sleep you personally need, use the weekend or a couple days you have free of obligations or work to allow yourself to wake up naturally. Do you sleep for 8 hours? 7.5 hours? 9? Do you feel 9 hours is not enough? All of this can give you a great clue as to not only your sleep requirements, but your health. Sleep needs will also fluctuate depending on the demands of the body. The greatest amount of cellular regeneration takes place during the sleep cycle. Since insufficient sleep impacts your cellular processes, its effects are felt throughout the entire body. From hypertension to heart disease, diabetes, depression, weight gain, and more; the consequences of sleep deprivation are the antithesis of #beautifulhealth. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing! Get your rest to ensure your body is able to properly recover and regenerate. Be sure to review the Sleep & Modern Life insert included in this plan for further information."

Activity & Exercise

"Modern day living has its conveniences. Perhaps too many. Our need for activity continues to plummet as technology and innovation continue to find ways for humanity to become less and less physically active. While we may appreciate not having to dedicate the majority of our time to foraging and hunting our food; modern living is a stark contrast to the evolutionary activity levels our body has come to expect. Humans used to have to spend so much time and energy to simply acquire the necessary means to sustain life. On the contrary, now we seek to recreate this activity via exercise. How you choose to engage in activity is up to you. Maybe your lifestyle is already quite active. Individuals who have professions requiring physical activity, such as athletes, farmers, masonries, food servers, construction workers, firefighters, steelworkers, and dancers will be engaging in activity above the baseline of the average profession. Depending on the dietary habits of the individual, however, even this activity may not be enough. For this reason, most everyone can benefit from some form of exercise or another. Find an activity that you enjoy, or find several combinations of activities that provide you with both cardio and strength training. You should aim to engage in such activity 3 - 4 times a week minimum. This will help maintain bone density, muscle mass, and immune function, as well as contribute to restful deep sleep and mental well being."

Cellular Detox

"The body is in a continual process of both assembly and disassembly. At any given moment your body is neutralizing, dismantling, or attacking anything it deems non conducive to health. Modern life can make this process sluggish, as the toxins, chemicals, and pollutants of today add to the list of obstacles the body must filter through and overcome. Starting your new health plan can leave you with what’s known as a Herxheimer reaction. Essentially, when given the right elements to self-heal, which is what will be done in your plan, the body will then attempt to purge what it perceives to be toxic to the integrity of health.

Each case is individual, but one of the recommendations I generally give is to take a combination of liver/kidney supportive herbs in either tea, pill, or tincture form. Cells do engage in their own individualized processes, but by far the liver and kidneys carry out the greatest portion of detoxifying work. To alleviate the potential symptoms of detox upon acclimating your body to its new lifestyle, such herbs can be very effective. With that said, it is impossible to avoid all the pollutants of modern day living. Even populations completely segregated from society have been found to have a variety of today’s chemicals in their blood panels. The first part of your targeted goal is to minimize your exposure in the areas where you retain control, such as with choosing organic food options, nontoxic household cleaning supplies, nontoxic cookware (See Kitchenware Insert) and the least physiologically disruptive cosmetics and beauty products. The second part lies in supporting the body to be as efficient as possible in its breakdown, chelation, and excretion of such toxicities. In addition to what is listed in your health plan, you should consider limiting your use of plastics, reduce and limit alcohol consumption to no more than once to twice weekly, refrain from excessive pharmaceutical use, drug use, and abstain from smoking and second hand smoke."

Immunity & Microbiome

"The body is a master creation with an inner wisdom that is constantly seeking to bring about balance in the sphere of health. Much of this inner wisdom is related to your microbiome and immune function. When in fact you are given medication to overcome illness, it still does not negate the fact that it is your body performing the healing function. A perfect example of this is when you apply a bandage to a wound. You may even apply an ointment or special disinfectant. But it is not the bandage nor the ointment performing the healing. While these practices serve certain functions in the process of healing, they themselves do not perform the repair and recovery. Rather, they act to support the body perform this process. For this reason, your own immunity and microbiome (See Microbiome insert) are paramount in your ability to overcome illness and maintain health.

Your immune system and microbiome do much more than simply protect you from oncoming illness and pathogens. These interrelated systems influence your health as a whole and even serve as informants to your genetic material about your environment, having the power to affect the expression of your genes. This is another case where DNA does not have to be destiny. Modern sanitation indeed has its benefits but as science evolves we are finding that perhaps we have become too sanitized for our own good. How is this? (See Microbiome insert) To make a large academic disciple concise, the idea of all germ or microbial exposure as bad is now recognized as a flawed logic. Exposure to microbes, both beneficial and detrimental to the human physiology, serve us by teaching the body about its environment. This allows the body to be better equipped in specialized processes best suited to respond to that environment. A deficiency in microbes in essence can be much akin to a deficiency of education for the body. Hygienic practices are warranted, but their abuse is now leaving us with never before seen immunological and gut dysfunction. Antibacterial sanitizers, washes, medications, and products should only be used when there is a true risk for pathogenic exposure via contaminated bio hazards. An example of this is in mopping your floor. While in a hospital the extra protocol to control microbes may be warranted, in the home of the average individual such antibacterial formulas are excessive. Washing with antibacterial soaps when no concern for infection is present is destructive to both the pathogenic and good microbes within our bodies. By depleting these microbes we are pushing the delete key on the manual our body has been programmed to run by. When we do so we not only lessen our immunity but negatively impact all the facets of health that derive direction from microbial influence.

Microbes live everywhere in the human body, both inside and out. The greatest majority of them are concentrated in the human gut, or digestive tract. Deficiency from the abuse of antibacterial compounds has devastating effects on the gut, resulting in many of the syndromes and chronic health issues seen in present times. Part of the digestive process itself is microbial reliant. There are microbes associated with positive human health and those which serve as antagonist. However, even these antagonistic microbes provide benefits to human health when kept in the balance of proper ratios. Exposure to the less favorable microbes builds immunity and teaches the body to distinguish between good and bad. When we press delete on this educational process for the body by attacking our microbiome we raise our probability for autoimmune conditions. This is why we are seeing an explosion of allergic responses and immunological dysfunction. The former is an example of a hyper-vigilant immune response due to insufficient immune system training, however, the opposite can also be true. In microbiomes that have been sequentially suppressed, such lack of training can leave the immune system sluggish, slow, and inefficient to act, leaving the body vulnerable to pathogens that a healthily trained microbiome would squash with relative ease. When immunity is compromised not only does health suffer due to the pathogen, but it drains energy from all other necessary processes in the body as well; further perpetuating the decline of the overall state of health.

Diagram of microbiome potential to induce epigenetic changes in human physiology

Do not abuse antibiotics and anti-bacterial products. Use only when a true need to prevent infection arises and not as part of your daily living practices. Allow your immune system and microbiome to be exposed to its environment both inside and outdoors. Washing with soap and water should be sufficient for almost all purposes. Should

you desire an antiseptic product for any reason look into natural antiseptics such as tea tree, grapefruit seed extract, lemon balm, lemongrass, eucalyptus, oregano oil, thyme, cinnamon, and other natural compounds. If you have the ability to install a pH filter in your residence, you can elect to clean with acid water, which has a pH of roughly 2.5 or below (not for granite surfaces). This will disinfect the designated area without harming the microbiome. Save the excessively harsh chemicals and antibiotics for true biohazards, such as fecal, blood, and vomit contaminations and/or bacterial infections posing significant health concerns that do not respond to the body’s own self-healing mechanisms."

Meaning & Community

"The human experience transcends mere physicality. Truly sound health cannot exist in the absence of meaning. This can occur in many platforms, but ideally would include a positive sense of community (your family and friends) and purpose (your own personal validation and meaning in life). Some individuals dedicate an entire life to a fulfilling career or purpose. Others dedicate the same energy and devotion to their personal relationships and family. There is no right or wrong ratio. What makes you feel alive and purposeful in life? You must take time to honor this need of community and meaning. Perhaps, your meaning or fulfilling relationship is spiritual and constituted in the belief of a Higher Power. Wherever it is you find your sense of meaning, be vigilant about its imperative role in your life. With that said, if you are fortunate enough to find a great passion in life, follow your inner compass and seek your meaning through its practice. All the facets of physical health will be bound and unable to reach true heights if the mind, heart, and soul are left untapped, unmoved, and most notably…… unfulfilled."

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