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Farm to Fork & Fabulous

Join me for a sneak speak at an @farmfreshtoyou unboxing .... the number one organic produce delivery service for health conscious foodies and their families .... delivered straight to your door

There was once a time where nearly everything I ate was grown by my late grandmother and I. From harvesting pumpkins to saving seeds, our daily workings from the cornucopia of trees, bushes, crops, herbs, and vineyards ..... rivaled even the most posh of Whole Foods Markets. Better yet, when in need , not only was driving to a store unnecessary .... my food was picked to order.

While a farmer's work week reaches 40 hours by Wednesday ....there is still yet another profession that trumps even a farmer's workweek....... the noblest of them all.... caregiving..... and so when my beloved grandmother began to loose her battle with Alzheimer's Disease, long days together working the land were exchanged for both long days and nights (for me) as her full time live in caregiver. What ensued thereafter is a tale to be told another day, but the takeaway remains the same .... I was unable to upkeep the responsibility of personally executing the farm to fork lifestyle I had grown accustomed to.

If you think shopping with small children is hard... try shopping with an increasingly disabled Alzheimer's patient.... that is ... if leaving the house is even a possibility for you! Throughout the span of those caregiving years, I tried everything from sending others to shop for me, to grocery delivery services, and more..... all of which left me longing for true farm fresh produce more than ever. When I lost my grandmother 5 years later, it was my every intention to return single handedly to my former lifestyle... but fast forward through 4 years of Naturopathic College, the selling of my grandmother's estate, and a growing business later.... and I quickly caught a reality check as to the why behind why so many Americans report time as their number one obstacle to growing their own food.

It was here that I discovered @farmfreshtoyou , an organic farm to fork delivery service ...

From the first package I received from Farm Fresh to You .... I knew I was never going back. While most produce in a supermarket, regardless of its organic status, can spend days in transit before its arrival (and many more days on the shelves before being picked up by the consumer), Farm Fresh to You quite literally bypasses all of this middle man mayhem ....... by simply harvesting and shipping direct to you .... the savvy discerning consumer. Not only does this mean fresher better tasting produce, it also means increased access to niche and heirloom crops you wont find on your local supermarket shelves..... Whole Foods or otherwise. How is that you ask? By supporting the farm directly you empower and financially support crop diversity in the fact that the farm is ensured a market for its harvest... and therefore an incentive to continue such production. Landing on a supermarket shelf can be difficult enough to negotiate for family farms, especially when up against larger scale operations. Markets and Grocery stores are a business, which makes them subject to the laws of supply and demand. This is also exactly why you will rarely find lesser known artisan and heirloom crops at big name retailers.... they are simply too financially unproductive to offer on a consistent basis for the majority of operations. For every 5 pound of scarlet runner beans Whole Food sales (if they have them)..... it sales 500 pounds of pinto and black beans... and that's most likely a conservative estimate.

Now there's nothing ill to be said for all these classic basics and staples you see in the organic section of your local Grocers (and Farm Fresh to You has definitely got all of that familiar goodness)...... but if access to culinary produce that goes above and beyond the ordinary usual strikes your fancy (aka you're a foodie, chef, or passionate home cook), Farm Fresh to You will put in your hands all the striking (both visually and on the palate) varieties of produce.... that.... until now... you've only seen on the pages of the most in the know Chefs. Example? Check out my Bassano Beet Vegan Goat Cheese Cauliflower Crust Pizza above! Not only do these heirloom beet lovelies have a marvelous unique flavor all their own... from a presentation standpoint.... they really jazz up the everyday beet an goat cheese salad ensemble .....which in this case, just so happens to be presented on a cauliflower pizza crust for extra pizzazz!

Organic Heirloom produce is only just the beginning when it comes to what it means to be a Farm Fresh to You subscriber! They also carry a wild assortment of humanely raised, sustainably sourced, certified organic meats and dairy products that also ship to order. Got some vegans in the family? They've got plant based people covered too with an amazing assortment of vegan proteins and cheeses you wont find in your local grocery store! As if that's not enough, Farm Fresh to You serves as a marketplace for countless small family business to debut and sell their home crafted products.... allowing you to receive truly artisan inspired finds while supporting small businesses. So when I say this company has something for everyone.... I mean it! Even my near 13 year old Silky Terrier Bonita cant help but turn on the charm on delivery day in hopes of snagging some of the goods for herself.... and truly.... who could say no to receiving a spread like this?!

If you think such a service sounds too good to be true ..... or not to be had by mere mortals (and their pocketbooks) behold....... this farm to fork and fabulous service is definitely doable for the masses (and their wallets)! What's more..... I've got a special Code VERZ6665 to save you $15 right from the start!