Meet HealthDoll!



College of Naturopathic Medicine, United Kingdom

Dip. Biomedicine



College of Naturopathic Medicine, United Kingdom  

Dip. Master's of Naturopathic Nutrition

College of Naturopathic Medicine, United Kingdom

Dip. Naturopathic Nutrition


DNA Fit Academy Certified Personal Trainer

Licensed Practitioner of Nutrigenomic Lab Testing & Concierge



California Polytechnic State University, Pomona

B.S. Agricultural Science    


Who Am I?


      I am an accredited Naturopath and Nutritionist; whose farm to fork background began in Agribusiness Academia and evolved into over 15 years experience in professional Culinary & Beverage Education.  At HealthDoll.Co lies the culmination of my life’s work in balancing Natural health with Modern life for the benefit of Dolls (and Gents) everywhere. 

My Story...


     I wish I could say I’ve always been a beacon of perfectly executed wellness  ... that I’ve known how to make the right decisions from the start, and to trust me to lead you to beautiful health because the answers have been with me always… but that unpretentiously is not how it happened.  To the contrary, by my early twenties, the following list was a mere intro to the woeful saga that was my health.  


Type 2 Diabetes, IBS, Androgenic Alopecia, chronic UTI, and as if that wasn't enough…… Acne.  



     Desperate to cure my ailments, I sought out the best medical help money could buy; even seeing some of the top physicians in the world (many who operated on solely a cash patient basis).   Things would often take a temporary turn for the better, but ultimately I always ended back at square one; a process that was as emotionally frustrating as it was physically defeating.   

Enter Naturopathic Medicine

     It was also around this time that my education in Agribusiness and Food Science started weaving together the connections between diet, the U.S. food production system, and our health.  Taking my insights from this,  I embarked upon my own naturopathic healing journey; aimed at addressing the root cause, and not simply the symptoms of my ailments.  The time that elapsed thereafter was not easy, and was wrought with much trial and error, but by the end of a year long window, I was no longer diabetic, had the most radiant clear complexion, managed to cease my hormonal hairloss shedding, had yet to experience even a single UTI,  and was the proud owner of the flattest stomach I had ever known.   

     Quite simply, physically and emotionally... 

 my entire life had changed.  

     After seeing what the power of nutrition and naturopathic medicine did to restore my own health,  not only was I in love with the results... I was in love with health itself!  With this sentiment in my heart, and upon completing my education at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, I founded  Its aim?  To pioneer a new consciousness that not only is a holistic lifestyle attainable for today's modern woman..... it can be every bit as fabulous and more than modernity alone could ever hope to be. 


Where nothing is more haute than health