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Hi!  I'm Veronica .... the Modern Girl's Naturopath, Welcome to HealthDoll.Co ..... your one stop shop for easy elegant farm to fork eats, natural healing, nutrition, and all things health .... served up in haute style.  

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Using the principals of naturopathy alongside the aide and support of technological innovation and science,  I foster and support well-being from the inside out.  While conventional healthcare largely centers around symptom management, my approach seeks to impact the root imbalance of health itself.  Some naturopathic therapies I use include bio-energetic medicine, industry leading genetic testing, homeopathy , herbal medicine, strategic supplementation, personalized nutrition, lifestyle modification, and more.  Does it work?  Click to find out!

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Sharing the behind the scenes scoop on the Food & Agriculture Industries, the latest science in natural health and wellness, and nutritious and delicious foodie fun..... one giveaway at a time.  
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Lab Testing for :Food Sensitivities, Allergies, Hormones, Nutritional Deficiencies, Heavy Metals, Mold, Parasites and more, all from the comfort and convenience of your own home.


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